Opening Day

28 Feb

Hello world! It’s launch day.

We have lift off!

You can read more about this project in my “About” page, but here’s the short version. After transitioning out of college life and somehow having to make sense of the “real world”, I felt pretty stuck when it came to lots of areas — but first and foremost was deprogramming myself after years of dining hall grub and figuring out what the heck real people eat.

I know, pizza and hot dogs don’t generally count.

I jumped from diet to diet – Weight Watchers, South Beach, detoxes, even tried those creepy “herbal” supplements you can find at Walmart next to the enhancement drugs. I can safely say I’ve taken the best {and the worst} from all of these approaches {ok maybe not the scary herbs}, and here’s what I figured out on the way:

Eating well and taking care of ourselves can taste great, and it doesn’t have to harm our social lives. In fact, when I figured out I could eat this way at restaurants, that’s when I fell completely in love.  Which leads me to some objectives for this bloggy, aka things you’ll soon be able to find here:

  • An approach that strives to demystify wellness, and show that eating well at home AND out and about (!) is completely possible and gratifying
  • Tasty recipes, both my own creations and those I’ve collected over time
  • Workouts for people who aren’t naturally obsessed with the gym
  • Other random tidbits, including some posts about my upcoming wedding and how I’ve managed to keep it all balanced

So there you have it. I’ll be importing some posts from my first-ever blog project, as well as serving up some fresh material daily.

Hope you’ll stick around!


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