99 Days

1 Mar

Today marks 99 days until our big day.


Thanks to the leap year, I have to wait an extra day to become Mrs. Crowder.

Thanks, February 29. All of you people whose birthday was yesterday… hope you enjoyed turning like 4 years old. (Just kidding. Happy birthday I guess.)

Anyway, with just 99 days to go, there’s still a lot to do, but I would argue there is even more I have learned.  I keep jokingly telling my girlfriends that I plan to make a powerpoint presentation covering things I wish I had known before I started full on planning.

They laugh at me and say, “you are such a trainer” (which is what I do for a living.) But I’m actually being kind of serious. I think I will revisit this idea after we actually survive the ordeal.


I thought we could discuss a matter I am currently trying to resolve.


Wedding Shoes!

I have certainly come to terms with the fact that I am a “ballet flat” kind of bride.

I mean, so practical


Not only do they just scream “I am comfortable and glamorous”…


But my future husband is also “me sized”


And by that, I mean he is conveniently one inch taller than me. Just another sign from God that I am a teeeeeeensy bit too clumsy to rock these bad boys on my wedding day:


A girl can dream, right?


And by “dream” I mean pretend these wouldn’t hurt my feet in 2.5 seconds.

What do y’all think? Are you a Flat Sally or a Heely Heidi for your wedding day? It’s a big decision, folks.


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