Don’t Give a Damn

2 Mar

So. If you know me in real life or happened to read my first blog, you know I like to dance.

I like to dance at parties.

I like to take dance classes {hip hop} and sweat it out for hours.

Really, I am dancing all of the time, though sometimes it’s dancing in my brain and you just don’t know it.

Trippy, right?

Anyway, I started taking a weekly basic level hip hop class at Hubbard Street Dance back in the beginning of January, and these days, I am a usual suspect. I have danced really my whole life, with a long hiatus here and there.

Our instructor keeps me coming back for a variety of reasons, but one of them is his dance mantra:

don’t give a damn.

Just have fun, do your thing on the dance floor, remember why you showed up and be true to that.

It sounds simple, right? Possibly over simplified. After all, when you take a dance class you will often have to get up in front of part of the group and perform a routine you just learned like 45 minutes prior.

It’s so simple, but so possible. I will admit I am a control freak by nature. The concept of not giving a damn is, well, daunting. But I tried it.

And for the first time, this week, our instructor chose me to dance with the small group of students who stand out at the end of class. I used to obsess over being chosen {or not chosen}, and wondered what that meant in terms of my talent. But pretty soon I stopped giving a damn. And this week, he chose me.

And then I tripped over my feet because I got crazy nervous 😉

Recently I have been applying “don’t give a damn” to other parts of my life, and it works wonders. Although when it comes to career, relationships, maybe the mantra should read, “give a damn about the things that count.” I find myself focusing more on being the best at my job that I can be, and not overanalyzing what my teammates might think of that one comment I made in the meeting.

When I only give a damn about the things that count, I find I am the very best version of myself.

That was a lot of “damns” so let’s move on.

It’s FRIDAY. And Friday means… party time.

Something fun to do:

Everybody familiar with the song “Party Rock” by LMFAO? If not, please crawl out from beneath your rock and observe.

Wooooopsie daisy, that’s actually my fiance dressed as that one guy from LMFAO. My bad.

I meant this:

As a hip hop amateur, I am really inspired by this video. I love the choreography because it looks super slick, but actually breaks down really easily.

SO I thought I would share this how-to video I found from Step by Step. Bust this one out next time this jam comes on at a bar, club or party 😉 It’s fun to learn, AND really gets your heart pumpin’!

Anybody going to try it out? Any dancin’ fiends out there?? Unite!


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