Magnificent March

3 Mar

Happy Weekend! I’m a little late to the posting today — JC & I really sweat it out at the gym this morning.

After that, I tried my Choco-Berry Protein Pancakes again. This time, they were perfect 😉

I am a smidge late to the “month of March” party. After all, it is the third already. BUT it’s never too late to set some mini goals for the first Spring month

{1. Tackle a “To-Do List Lurker”}

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. That one thing on your to do list that you either have been putting off forever, OR that one thing you know will make you feel like a million bucks once you finish it. Tackle it! Spring has sprung! (Kind of. It’s 30 something degrees here.)

Wondering what mine is? Here’s a hint … it has to do with 110 envelopes, multiple pieces of multi-sized paper, stamps, dinner selections, and writing a lot of names in fancy cursive. Any guesses? 😉

 {2. Take on an art project}

This one is a little intimidating and ambitious. Don’t be afraid, March is about new beginnings, is it not? Even if it’s something as simple as jazzing up a plain pot with some paint, it’s an easy way to give a space a personal touch.

This is what I’ll be working on:


Can’t wait to show you guys once I get started!

{3. Eat something green!}

St. Patrick’s Day happens to be one of my all-time favorite holidays. What could be better than a day in which it is socially acceptable to bar crawl before noon and watch an enormous river get dyed green?

So in honor of my favorite springy holiday, eat something green! I’m not necessarily talking about vegetables this time. I will be trying this:

Healthy Green Cookie Dough from Stuft Mama! My best girlfriends will be in town over St. Patrick’s Day for my Bachelorette Party, and I plan to whip this up for them then 🙂

{4. Try a new-to-you fitness class}

Taking a brand new class for a spin can be daunting, but don’t sweat it! Most instructors are extremely welcoming, and even if they aren’t, what do you have to lose? My exercise go-tos are Hip Hop and Body Works (or any kind of weight/circuit training), but this month I want to try …

CorePower Yoga!

{5. Treat yourself to some flowers}



What’s everyone else doing to celebrate the coming of Spring? March Rocks!


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