New Gear

5 Mar

How was everyone’s weekends?

Ours, while productive, was verrrry busy. With our wedding just over 3 months away, things are really cookin’ over in this neck of the woods – wedding prep through the church, registry updating, invitation printing, the list goes on. BUT it’s all good stuff, and all part of the journey 🙂

Since this wedding tornado bowled into town and made my brain its chaos nest, I’ve really been focusing on keeping things in perspective. For me, that means not taking myself or any of this stuff too seriously – after all, it’s meant to be fun! I’m glad we have spent so much time “taking inventory” in our relationship by enduring enjoying hours upon hours of preparation, communication and counseling through the church.

And no matter how nuts things get, we also have health & fitness to fall back on, which have really become routine over here.

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets me more excited about working out than acquiring some fun new gear.

After all, studies show that those who felt confident and comfortable in their workout attire actually made exercise a more regular habit than those who didn’t dig their threads.

My weekend loot:

Dry fit Nike tank for dance, dry fit t-shirt for lifting, AND

Rough & tough lady lifting gloves.

Like a boss.

Did I mention we’re bad ass?

Also, did you guys read on Saturday that I’m going to dive into CorePower Yoga this month?

I wouldn’t lie to you.

My first-ever yoga mat! This one’s got fish friends on it. Pretty zen, right? I know. At least I’ll look the part when I head to my first class 😉

I’m ready to hit the gym this week!

What do you think, does new gear get you amped for exercie? Anybody out there get some kickin’ threads recently?


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