It’s a Moanday

6 Mar

{Scroll down for Healthy Pizza Omelet recipe!}

Good morning! It’s already Tuesday 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday was a bit of a grindy day over here. As I was sharing this sentiment with my close friend Kendalle over gchat, she responded, “You mean, it’s a Moanday?” Apparently in an earlier e-mail she had accidentally squeezed an extra “a” in there.

I imagine it would sound something like mUGGGHHHHHHHHnday.

I actually had a nice start to the week, minus a major technological meltdown at the beginning of my day. I train brand new sales people, and our projection system was on the fritz for the better part of a half hour. My company is pretty quirky — as such, all of our conference rooms and such have bizarre names, and this particular projection system is called “Bieber conference”.

Damn you, Justin Bieber.

He knows what he did.


Jokes aside, my morning started off with a gym workout in my brand new gear. I must say, I felt pretty rough n’ tough in my new gloves, which was a plus, considering I needed all the strength I could get — my lifting program jumped from 2 sets of each exercise to 3. I was promptly whipped into shape.

When I returned home, I had an email from Lindsay  of The Lean Green Bean regarding “Foodie Pen Pals” for the month of March! You can read more about it over in her ‘hood, but basically I’ll be sending a package of love and goodies to another blogger while I receive one from someone else! Can’t wait to show y’all what I get 😉

The day came and went pretty quickly, and when I waltzed through my door I knew I had a serious evening of wedding invitation addressing ahead of me. I know, thrilling right? (At least red wine makes tedious calligraphy a little easier, no? ) But before I got into that, I whipped up this bad boy…

Healthy Pizza Omelet

 1/2 C. Liquid egg whites (~3 eggs worth)
1/2 C. no salt added marinara sauce
1/4 light shredded cheese
handful baby spinach
3 oz. cooked chicken, chopped in small pieces
1/4 C. red onion, chopped
1/4 C. broccoli florets, chopped
1/4 C. bell pepper, chopped

This one is super simple but seriously delivers. Think pizza, except a cooked egg white serves as a much lighter crust. {You eat with a knife & fork, of course 😉 }

Start with a smallish skillet with a light coating of cooking spray or olive oil. Pour egg whites in, add a bit of pepper and let them firm up over medium heat for a couple minutes.

Once your “crust” has whitened but is still a little wet, add the marinara sauce.

Once this gets pretty firm (you should be able to run a spatula around the edges), add your handful of spinach and pat down with the back of wooden spoon to get it to wilt a bit.

Cover with a blanket of cheese and let it get a little bubbly and awesome

Finally, add your toppings! For me, it was chicken, broccoli, bell pepper & red onion (oooooh the red onion. Be glad y’all didn’t have to hang out withe me afterwards.)


I enjoyed my “pizza” with a side of sweet potato + almond butter

Confession: the AB was chocolate. Monday night is getting a little crazy over here.

How was your Monday? Do you find Justin Bieber is your personal nemesis? What’s your stance on omelets and/or pizza?


One Response to “It’s a Moanday”

  1. blair March 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    hate biebs. love pizza + omelets. I’ll need to try this combo!

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