Hippies are onto Something

9 Mar

If you guys are anything like me, the weekends tend to mean less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying a good dinner out on the town.

That, and the fact that someone else will do our dishes.

I love restaurants, both the tried and true favorites as well as new-to-me places, and living in Chicago where there are literally thousands to choose from has only deepened my adoration. For a long time restaurants felt like a guilty pleasure, a “cheat” after a week of angelic eating habits.

That was before I really learned that healthy choices are possible, even in someone’s else’s kitchen (unless that kitchen belongs to Taco Bell. In that case you’re kind of screwed and you might as well order the crunchwrap supreme.)

It takes a little diligence and the occasional dose of will power, but that’s what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Some establishments, however, make an alternative eating lifestyle oh so easy. Native Foods Cafein Lakeview is one of those wonderful, heavenly Godsends in a city of meat on meat.

I convinced JC to eat his Korean burrito from elsewhere inside Native Foods because I wanted to try it, even though he was convinced it would be full of hippies. Ok so he was kind of right but I won’t tell him that to his face.

Native Foods’ motto is “Eat Sunshine”, which comes from their emphasis on plant-based dishes. I dug the atmosphere and vibe – not quite quick serve, not quite sit down.

I decided to roll with the Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl – a dish with a quinoa base, veggies & tofu stir fried in a Moroccan sauce.

It was so delicious, I actually decided I had to try to re-create it in my own kitchen. The recipe turned out beautifully, and I promise to share it next week!

I can’t promise the dishes will do themselves, though.

I’m so excited that Native Foods Cafe has found a home in Chicago. In addition to tasty stir frys like the one I enjoyed, they also have vegan burgers, pizzas, salads and more, all of which we can feel a little bit better about consuming. Not to mention they serve up local craft beers to wash it all down with!

Anyone trying out a new restaurant this weekend? Do you find it tough to eat well outside of home?


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