To the Maxi

15 Mar

You should probably stop reading this and go outside to enjoy the crazyinsaneawesome weather.

Yesterday, I sported this brand new maxi dress from Express.

My sandals even looked like that. I swear I didn’t copy her. In fact, she copied me.

I can’t believe that I walked around outside at lunch yesterday and actually felt warm in my short sleeve cardigan. It was EIGHTY degrees. I still remember those first truly warm days of Spring when I was in college in frigid South Bend, Indiana. On the first 60 degree day, out came the shirtless dudes playing frisbee and girls laying on the quad on blankets. It’s almost as though the population suddenly multiplies, and that’s exactly how Chicago feels to me. It’s like people live here! And they eat outside at lunchtime!

I’d also really like to believe that this unseasonably warm weather is a personal favor from God to me for my bachelorette party. You guys can thank me later.

Speaking of, my first bridesmaid, Alison, showed up at my apartment last night! I haven’t been sleeping well and have had to force feed myself due to my excitement over her impending arrival, so my stomach & I are both very glad this Bachelorette event has OFFICIALLY started.

Her flight didn’t land until later in the evening, so I decided to pick up a take & bake pizza from my dear Homemade Pizza Company for a snappy dinner as the two of us caught up.

I chose a Spinach Pie with whole wheat crust, tomato sauce, feta cheese, red onion, sundried tomato, feta, basil and (obv) spinach. Popped it in the oven for 15 minutes and it was chow time. So easy.

Before she arrived, I got to work whipping up some snacks & goodies since 2 other bridesmaids arrive TONIGHT! Most of the weekend is a complete & utter mystery to me, which I am so beyond excited/scared for. However it’s kind of fun that I had last night & tonight to play hostess.

I’ll have more to show off in terms of the treats up for consumption later, but for now, remember this Green Chia Cookie Dough Dip from Stuft Mama that I wanted to try? Well friends, I went for it.

Green Chia Cookie Dough Dip

{Recipe from Stuft Mama}

{Servings vary based on how sweet your teeth are…}

15 oz. can chickpeas
handful of spinach
1/4 C. almond milk
1/4 C. peanut butter
a little less than 1/4 C. stevia
1 TBSP Splenda brown sugar
1 TBSP chia seeds
pinch salt
pinch baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all in a food processor. Or if you’re me, blend in small batches using your poor little baby magic bullet. Two words: “wedding registry”.

The verdict? Delicious!! I love that its ingredients make this dip a light and nutritious alternative to a heavy dessert, even though it TASTES like a real deal dessert. Serve it up with apple slices for the perfect light dessert dip. Or be like me and just eat it by the spoonful 😉

What are you doing to enjoy the unbelievable weather this week?


One Response to “To the Maxi”

  1. Susan March 15, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    I’m driving to St. Charles today and taking my Dad to see the Clydesdales if they’re out at Grant’s Farm tomorrow. We’ll get together with Jim and Terry and the boys hopefully and Saturday the Mizzou crew descends on Patty and Elmer to see Patty in her spring play Seussical–she’s the mayor of Whoville’s wife!! We’ll certainly enjoy the great weather. Have so much fun at your big doings this weekend. Chuck and I will be thinking about you.

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