Bachelorette Update #2: Irish Adventures

22 Mar

Good morning! Did you enjoy Bachelorette Update #1? Don’t worry, Day #2 was every bit as epic.

Since Friday night was a co-ed trolley night, it was only necessary that Saturday should be a more classic chicks-only style shindig. The fact that this event was centered around St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago meant even more off the wall fun than we bargained for 😉

Though getting my act together Saturday morning was a teeeensy bit challenging, it was time to rally and play “The (Almost) Newlywed Game”, which my maid of honor Kelly so creatively designed. The ladies asked me a series of questions, and after each one they would show me John’s videoed responses to the same questions.

I failed at this game.

In my defense, they were tough questions! Topics covered included “All About Steph” (how did I bomb this category?), “Love” & “The Wedding”. Best answer from JC? His response to which area of the wedding he thinks I’m most excited to plan: “Women’s Clothing.”


Not going to touch that one.

Anyway, it was only natural that after the fun and games an Irish dance party would ensue.

impromptu Irish jig

ND Irish Jig

Look closely; we resemble a hoard of misplaced athletes in our matching green jersey-like shirts. St. Patrick’s Day is a sport, right?

my wedding date!

After sufficient silliness at the apartment, it was time to join the rest of the Chicagoans celebrating by hitting the streets for some bar hopping and new friend-making.

The girls had arranged a “To-Do” list  for my day. Oh, I was very productive. The highlights:

#1: Get a man to remove his sock & keep it

#2: Find a man with blonde hair & take a drink with him AND #3 Find a man with a ponytail and have him explain to your friends why it’s been so long since had a haircut

Yeah that’s right, I knocked out two in one – I call that a BOGO. FYI, Blonde John (our new friend) hadn’t cut his hair in so long because he was “growing it out for locks of love”. My sassy gals then asked him if he was doing that just so he could make chicks swoon for his big heart 😉

Believe it or not, I crossed 10 more ridiculous items off of this list. Not only were fellow bar-goers willing to help out, they actually were eager to help me finish the list.

That’s the midwest for ya.

Some extra credit:

Meet & mingle with a bachelor party comprised of Irish & English rugby players. Even better when the bachelor is in a dress & wig.

Score a free ride on a party bus when you become frustrated with the lack of cabs and demand a ride.

You can’t make this stuff up. I’m still stunned by the absurd level of achievements that took place. Irish eyes were most certainly smiling down.

Particularly when we met up with this jamoke and his cronies at our local fine hot dog retailer, Portillo’s.

Amazing weekends were had by all, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the baddest group of ladies & gents a couple could ever ask for.

Now: Who’s ready to get hitched?! This girl!!


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