10 weeks

28 Mar

Today, there are 72 days until my wedding day.

If you are not very good at mental math, that is just 2 days over 10 weeks.

I am actually not one of those people who has a countdown in my calendar. In fact, I am really not even organized enough to keep a proper calendar. It’s just that our wedding website actually counts down for us, and publishes this at the very bottom. It’s kind of like every time I visit my own wedding website I slowly scroll down, at which point the universe says to me, “Hey genius – this wedding isn’t going to plan itself.”

Which I knowwww, but must it remind me?!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy wedding planning. But it’s also not that I enjoy it. I am very excited to get married. But it’s kind of like I want to show up on that day and look around say, “Oh, this whole thing? I did all this myself. Oh no, it’s no big deal. I’m just really good.”

It’s complicated.

One thing that is not very complicated is Pinterest. Pinterest, I can face. Pinterest is like this magical land where I can have my dream wedding and pay precisely $0 for it. But also, Pinterest helps me move from the, “What is the difference between a daisy and a lily?” phase, to the “I like that picture and I think I will just show it my florist” phase.

I mean honestly, how did brides get along in the world without friendly, unassuming Pinterest? Since I would rather show you my inspiration than actually plan my wedding, let’s talk about flowers.







Love the handkerchief use.


For centerpieces, we’re planning mostly simple arrangements, or “tablescapes” as my design-blooded mother has dubbed them …

Simple & romantic


Beautiful use of vintage frames


I’m into frames.


Fruit rocks in the summertime


 But I am also partial to little bit of height mixed in here and there. Unfortunately this costs serious dollah bills. BUT I am all about some trees.




Too bad some magic trees would cost me a small fortune.

Alright, your turn. Which flowery licks suit your tastebuds?


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