When in Wisconsin

2 Apr

Happy Monday, friends! Can someone pass the coffee?

I was yay close to mentioning last week that JC & I were venturing up to Milwaukee this weekend for a friend’s surprise birthday celebrations… But luckily I realized the spilling of such information would kind of compromise the whole surprise part of things.

I had never experienced the magical cornucopia of gifts that the state of Wisconsin has to offer, and let me say, my stomach and I were very overwhelmed. In a good way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Many fun festivities filled up the weekend, but hands down my favorite part was our tour of Milwaukee Brewing Company.

What’s that you say? I’ve been making quite the habit of documenting my affections for beer recently? I know, I know. But come on, can you read that sign? The tour was seven (SEVEN) dollars, and included basically unlimited access to fresh brewed concoctions for a couple hours.

Dear Milwaukee: I could get used to your hospitality.

Many kegs!

Despite the fact that this is a healthy living blog, and fueling myself properly and maintaining a strong connection with my body is extremely important to me, I’m also of the opinion that indulging in activities like this one are actually a part of being healthy. After all, friendships make up a pretty significant contribution toward our general health, so sometimes you gotta nurture away. And sometimes that nurturing involves fermented liquid deliciousness.

Although if you pitched a tent in the Milwaukee Brewing Company and declared your intentions to live there forever the way I wanted to, that might be crossing the border into unhealthy territory.

Doesn’t John look dashing in his Wisconsin plaid? I could get used to this.

So the tour itself was awesome, but also hilarious because our tour guide (above) was very open about the fact that his job perks include open access to beer. It was pretty laid back and unorganized… basically we would learn about something, and then take a break to go back to the bar and sample more product ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus he would stop mid-sentence and act like a bear if he noticed someone taking his picture.

Should I mention again that this whole experience was $7?

Booyah is right.

We tried multiple brews from a blueberry ale to pumpkin ale, but my friend Erin & I ended up snagging a 6 pack of the above beer for the road. Basically they take bits and pieces from a bunch of different beers, coming together in one wheaty lip smacking symphony.

I am starting to understand the “craft beer” hubbub. There really was such a difference between these guys and our typical Bud Light fare.

Also while I’m at it, why don’t we talk about my Tour de Bloody Mary?

When in Wisconsin… do as the Wisconsinites (?) do.

Asparagus garnish?? I accept.

48 hours and precisely 1,000 Wisconsin cheese curds later, it’s time for me to get pretty serious about resuming a balanced regimen.

There is also the whole fitting into my wedding dress thing as well.

How were your weekends? Did you keep it healthy or kinda more or less let it all hang out? Clearly I’m in no position to judge, I ate a stick of meat in the car today.

Not sorry.


2 Responses to “When in Wisconsin”

  1. Susan April 2, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    He could be the Brawny man–glad you guys had fun. We spent a weekend in Milwaukee once at an Irish B & B. Loved it. We took Elmer to Portillo’s–can that ever be healthy?

    • Steph April 2, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

      Portillo’s is the best – definitely a favorite for a splurge ๐Ÿ™‚

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