I stink!

13 Apr

I’ve been told that I stink.

And desperately need… a shower 😉

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m off to upstate NY this morning for my bridal shower! Couldn’t be more excited to see my fam.

Want to see what showery piece I’ll be donning for the event?


+ gold belt & wedges. When I mentioned to JC that I was hitting the streets to acquire a flouncey new dress for the occasion, he looked at me with what can only be described as genuine confusion and asked in earnest, “But don’t you already have dresses?”

To which I promptly replied, “Hellooooo, bridal shower equals NEW dress.” I think he just sighed at me 😉

Before I bid you adieu, let’s find out who won my GIVEAWAY, shall we??

& comment #8 was …

Bridget of Running Crumbs, Come on down!!

Please send me your mailing info so I can get your nutty treats into the mail – upbeateatsblog@gmail.com.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway! More to come, I enjoyed meself.

Time to catch my plan – Happy Weekend Y’all!


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