Showered with Love

16 Apr

Even though the start of a new week means it’s back to reality, it’s going to be hard to pull my head out of the clouds today.

On the plane to upstate New York this weekend where my family hails from, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact this was my bridal shower. While JC and I have been engaged for over a year, there was always something about my favorite old line, “We’re getting married next June” that made it all feel so, well, far away. Now that “next June” is around the corner, it’s amazing that this time in my life still managed to sneak up on me.

The short version is: I had the time of my life with my family, most of whom traveled many hours to be with me for a day. Not to mention I returned home with a full kitchen and a much fuller heart 🙂

JC, his mom and I landed in Syracuse, New York on Friday afternoon, where my parents picked us up and promptly took us to see my dad’s old stomping grounds.

Somehow, despite spending a few years of my life living up in that neck of the woods, I had never actually seen where my father earned his degree.

First things first, we stopped into Faegan’s Cafe & Pub for beers & a bite. I crunched on a mixed green salad alongside an overflowing cup of french onion soup, and washed it all down with a hefeweizen.

After lunch, and very fitting for the weekend, we checked out Hendricks Chapel, where my parents were married over 25 years ago.

Somehow the fact that my parents were married on a college campus never registered in my mind; pretty ironic considering my own wedding will take place at my alma mater.

After our little tour, we headed to my godparents’ home on Skaneateles Lake, the site of the big event and the home where we would be staying for the weekend.

Saturday morning upon rising, I was greeted with all sorts of different emotions – it felt like Christmas morning tangled up with that stage fright feeling that seizes you right before a performance. I couldn’t wait for all of our guests to arrive, and I knew right from the beginning that it would be over  in a flash.

I’ll have lots more pics to share later (my amazing future mother in law & maid of honor snapped some really great ones), but here’s what I can tell you: every minute was perfect. The day was sunny and warm, despite forecasts of rain. Family poured in from Boston to Philadelphia to Georgia. The gifts were wonderfully generous, and I think my favorite part was taking mental snapshots of all the small details, like the dreamy assortment of food.

After the ladies-only shower, we met up with all of our guys and continued the celebrating into the night. I made the conscious effort to cling to every second, never forgetting to soak it all in, but also trying not to imagine the time slipping away, like trying to hang onto water. It was much-needed practice for the big day itself 🙂

53 days to go!


2 Responses to “Showered with Love”

  1. MeganAg April 16, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Sounds absolutely perfect Steph. So happy for you both and so excited for the BIGGGGG day. So soon!

    • Steph April 16, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

      Thanks Meg!!! It was such a happy weekend.

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