Short & Sweet

18 Apr

Today’s post will be short & sweet.

It’s not that I don’t like you. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I love ya. BUT I find myself with slim amounts of time on my hands these days. I suppose I’m still catching up from the shower, but I texted JC last night to say “I feel like I’m just 5 minutes behind life these days.”

Obviously this all boils down to my looming nuptials {51 days}. Feels like we’re on our last BIG push to complete tasks before we have some down time.

Either that, or life will just be this way for the next 7 weeks 😉

OK, now onto the SWEET. I’m pretty sure that’s what you hungry people care more about anyway.

Don’t lie. You know this looks freaking delicious.

That is because it is.

I have been eyeballing this Baked Pecan Coconut Banana Oatmeal from PBFingers for a couple of weeks. And last night when I went to bed, I just knew in my hungry heart that there would be no other breakfast that would suffice.

So this morning, I got to work making this treat happen.

Normally when I’m inspired by recipes on the world wide internets or on my favorite blogs, I like to doctor them up to make them my own. Not so today. This baby seemed perfect au natural.


The verdict? Tastes as good as I could have expected. I love the idea of a big batch of baked oatmeal – it’s slice & go over here for the rest of the week. I mixed up some PB2 with water to make a peanuty sauce and devoured at my desk.

Go check out the recipe at PB Fingers and try it out!

See you tomorrow with some fitness stuff.


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