Cardio Sandwich

27 Apr

Last night John and I headed to Comiskey/The Cell/Cell Phone Field for the SOX v. SOX game…

Guess who won?

The Sox.

The Red ones, as it turns out.

I munched on these delicacies…

Wasabi Peanuts!! Feng Shui.

And tried to forget about the fact that it was 43 degrees with bone-chilling wind up in our nosebleed perch.

Not quite the baseball I remember from my childhood, but I had an amazing time because I was with this character…

This entire week, literally every day I thought it was Friday. Except Monday. On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. Whatever – TGIF.

I have a relaxing, girly weekend ahead of me – one filled with wedding things, workout things, things involving cleaning and all things WINE.
To kick off your weekend, I’m sharing a kick in the pants, total body workout I created for a friend at work who volunteered me as her personal trainer. Not that I am any type of expert. But I have a pretty good idea about how to get people like myself a’sweatin’ 🙂

Upbeat Eats Cardio Sandwich on a Strength Training Bun

Follow the chart from top to bottom, alternating your sets when it’s strength size. I recommend 10-15 lb weights. Take the plunge on a third set of each exercise if you’re a certified bad ass.
I want to draw your attention to my all-time favorite move: it’s lurking very innocently at the end of this circuit, but do not be deceived. The prone jackknife is a tricky beast that will have your core quivering by the end of each set.
Wondering how it’s done? I’ve already got your back.
That guy is pretty nuts – I do the move with the ball under my ankles, which makes it a bit easier. If any of you can do it on your toes, I offer you an internet high five 🙂
If you try it and like it, please holler!
P.S. I am in no way a fitness professional. Just a professional enthusiast when it comes to getting my burn on.
P.P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, fellow fitness lover, and faithful reader Megan!!! Love you girl!

2 Responses to “Cardio Sandwich”

  1. Fit and Savvy (@savvyfoodies) April 27, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    You’ve got skills! What a killer workout routine. Your writing is so fun! Happy Friday.

    • Steph April 27, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

      Thank you!! ❤ Sincerely appreciate that. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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