Behold, BHLDN

1 May

I have hinted at this post a couple of times over the past week or so.

Did you notice?

If you know me, you know I love Anthropologie. When I learned a few months ago that Anthropologie was launching a wedding line called BHLDN, I was even more excited.

When my florist recently told me that BHLDN had opened a physical location in Chicago, well, I looked longingly at John sitting next to me. He had very knowing eyes. I think he knew it was only a matter of time before our wedding debit card would meet BHLDN’s fancy iPhone card swiping mechanism.

This past Friday, after my second dress fitting, bridesmaid Kate and I ventured to BHLDN in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. I felt so many things. Nervous. Excited. Scared.

It turned out my fear was completely legitimized by the price tag on most items BHLDN had to offer.

These fancy birdmate friends? Oh ya know, $250. And they were a cheap cake topper.

Obviously their bridal jewelry was to die for, but I was hard pressed to find anything with less than a price tag in the 3 hundo price range. When I found Kate browsing a room filled with bridal gowns, I made a point to comment that the whole room was worth more than my life.

We were little kids in a very fragile candy shop, and it’s kind of a miracle that I emerged having spent less than $100. Amidst their bank-breaking items, we found a few fair priced gems sprinkled in. Truthfully if we hadn’t found those, I would have been pretty disappointed – their items were beautiful, but not worth half a month’s rent in my humble opinion.

Some favorites:

Tangerine & celery bar straws (!!!)

Paper flower poms

Bride & Groom signage

Jars with little birdie toppers

Plus many, many more.

Like I mentioned, I’m happy I discovered the few affordable pieces that BHLDN dons, but overall found the bang for the buck factor to be lacking. The entire store does, however, get an A+ in eye candy and fancy points.



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