It’s Gonna be May

2 May

Happy Hump Day!

Today I am going to come right out and tell you: I am not feeling all that creative.

Luckily, there are a lot of people out there who are. So for today’s post I plan to just show you the fruits of their mojo.

God I love the internet.

First up, have you guys thought about how awesome May is going to be? Temperatures on the rise, meaning Chicago dwellers actually resume their social lives. If you live somewhere that is warm all the time, 1. Stop rubbing it in and 2. enjoy your last month of being able to stand outside for more than 7 seconds without melting.

I can think of a lot of reasons why May is going to make April look like that guy who always finds something to complain about at a party, but I would rather leave that job to the professionals. Like whoever wrote this amazing article.

23 Reasons why May is going to be the best month

Personal favorite: that’s easy, #16.

In a weird way, that article got me a little pumped up about the fifth month of the year. I might not be fortunate enough to find a hat in a tree and then later have my experience documented in the newspaper, but I think I have an idea of some things I’m going to need to have a superb month.

1. A Seriously Perfect Margarita 

You know it’s going to be a good month when it starts out with a holiday dedicated to chips & salsa and sombreros. Is that not what Cinco De Mayo is all about? News to me …

2. Red Wine

I swear I’m going to talk about things that are not beverages. But this year I’m lucky enough to be making the trip back to Atlanta for Mother’s Day. When I think of time spent with my mom a lot of memories wash over me – afternoons spent in the hot sun by the pool, shopping together, bickering sharing the great gift of honesty with one another – but one of my all-time favorite things to do with Mom is to simply slow down & enjoy a glass of vino with my true friend.

3. A sudden influx of cash 

May means Derby time, and I’m going to need a whole bunch of dough if I’m going to bet on the horse with the most ridiculous name, lose it all and have zero regrets.

My money is on I’ll Have Another.

4. The desire to listen to this guy’s voice every single day

If you aren’t familiar with that mean mug, that’s Shaun T of the Insanity program. I started this regimen a week ago and plan to document my progress. But in the meantime, I am being forced to get very well acquainted with my new workout nemesis.

4. Yoga Breathing & A Good Sense of Humor

May marks the last month before our wedding month, and that means that if ever there were going to be a meltdown or irrational outburst, it’s probably going to be here & now, people. I hope JC is covering his eyes at this point.

What do you guys need to make May a success?

Dream big.


One Response to “It’s Gonna be May”

  1. John May 2, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    Eyes are officially covered

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