Eggsellent Breakfast

10 May

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a hectic week; I’ve heard from quite a few folks that we all just can’t seem to catch up on our sleep. Either something is going around, or my life is just full of giant whiners.

Key to surviving a sleepy week? A week chock full of baller breakfasts.

Egg whites with a little cheese cooked in the world’s cutest mini skillet, low sodium veggie juice fancied up in a wine glass on the side. Add a little sriracha to eggs and you’ve got yourself a breakfast.

In an effort to keep things fancy, I served up my eggs on one of my brand new …

… Chickadee plates!!

I’m absolutely in love with these little guys.

They’re just little.

Thanks to my wonderful almost (#29days) Mother-in-Law for the beautiful gift!!

Today is my third day on the South Beach Diet. So far sticking to the plan hasn’t been overly difficult. Just the same as the first time I took a crack at Phase 1, my deep love for oats has risen to the surface. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But, for the next 11 days, I’ll continue my breakfasts sans my oaty favorites. In honor of the most important meal of the day, here are some ideas that make cheating on my favorite grain feel a little less painful.

Mini Egg Fritattas from Cookin’ Canuck

Egg Scramble

Breakfast Stuffed Bell Peppers (minus the bread) from Foodie’s Arsenal

Diet Schmiet.


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