Back in the Saddle

18 Jun

Oh hey there!!

Guess what I’ve been up to?

We did it!!!

Now that I have a husband and a little bit of an Irish girl tan, I’m back in business over here. Yes, I had to bribe myself out of bed this morning with a stack of protein pancakes…

But that is neither here nor there.

If you are a detail-hungry gal with an overflowing wedding Pinterest board in your name (no judgment, guarantee mine is more psychotic than the best of ’em), I’ve got you – I am planning to totally overshare once I receive all of our photos from the photographer. I’m also planning a series of other wedding-related posts, including details on small things I’ve wanted to show the internets for months but had to wait until after the nuptials so as to not ruin surprises and such. So basically what I am saying here is, if you like love n’ stuff, stay tuned!

In the meantime, it’s back to real life over here and after 2 weeks of fantasy land and love songs, it’s not exactly the easiest thing ever to look reality in the face.

Luckily JC & I had a couple days post-honeymoon to readjust and try to be real live people again. We had our first home cooked married meal together …

Looks innocent enough – JC at the helm of the grilling (foreman grill style), chicken topped with roasted red pepper, brown rice, broiled veggies & side of avocado. It was a little bit of Amateur Hour in our kitchen though – neither of us had cooked in a couple of weeks, and we were doing a bit of fumbling around. Even still, a delicious meal emerged. Enjoyed alongside some “Duck Dynasty” (quality programming!), and we had ourselves a nice evening doing the married thang.

Rounded out the night with some beach volleyball …

Real world ain’t so bad.

Bear with me as I adjust – but tomorrow, look out for an awesome GIVEAWAY!! 

I am not above bribing you people to keep reading despite my blatant absence.


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