Lucky in Love {Wedding How-To}

26 Jun

So … I keep casually gesturing towards a full scale wedding review, mentioning that I might sometime soon inundate the internets with photo evidence of our beautiful nuptials.

I am aware that I’m doing this. I swear I am not just falling down on the oversharing job – I am actually waiting for our photographer to finish making magic with his film and send me all the goods. Patience, peaches!

So many nuts & bolts went into architecture of our special weekend, many of which are projects and details I’ve wanted to share but included surprises I didn’t really want anyone to see ahead of time. Now that it’s all behind us, I plan to continue sharing what worked wonderfully, what possibly did not go so hot, and everything in between.

I thought I’d kick things off with a piece of the action that we knocked out pretty early in the betrothal process – Save the Dates!

Lucky in Love DIY Save the Dates

Aside from the both of us feeling as though we hit the lotto when we met, John and I have special places in our hearts for betting & even a little bit of old fashioned gambling. Our relationship started with betting over football games, which even turned into a proposal. On top of that, we’ve been known to work a table or two side by side in Las Vegas 🙂

So when I came across this idea from Martha Stewart, we knew we could inform our guests of our party date without parting from our individual style.

Because he’s a bad ass, JC was able to turn the Martha Stewart hearts into shamrocks using an editing program. The hearts were cool and all, but since we were wed at our Irish alma mater Notre Dame, I was struck by the shamrock concept and couldn’t get green leafy shapes out of my mind until my husband found a way to make it happen.

You can download the PDF for the exact same template with hearts instead of shamrocks at Martha Stewart’s site!

From here, all you need to do is mix two parts metallic paint with one part regular old dish soap. Paint over the shamrocks/hearts…

Go all Houdini on those numbers – first you see ’em, now you don’t!

We enclosed a penny in an envelope with our scratch off card, along with a photo of us that displayed our wedding website for our guests…

The finished product, after your guests have scratched off the date!

Truthfully this was pretty time consuming – John & a couple of my girlfriends bore the brunt of my determined painting mission. But, the guests raved over the scratchin’ – a few scratch addicts even sent pleas to send more so they could scratch their scratching itch 🙂

Sending the cards to a Kinko’s printer and painting the shapes ourselves saved us a bundle of money, but also was an easy way to get involved in the process and share it together.

Who’s feelin’ lucky?


2 Responses to “Lucky in Love {Wedding How-To}”

  1. Susan June 26, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    This was a great save the date Steph. Love the way you write–“go all houdini on the numbers”–“hit the lotto when we met” and everything else.

    • Steph June 26, 2012 at 11:16 am #

      Thank you for the encouragement!! ❤

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