Wine, Game Meat & Showers

2 Jul

Who had an awesome weekend?

Ours went by quick, and involved a lot of this:

Boxes & olympic trials. We’re moving this Friday (!!!), and despite the fact that hiring a moving company is probably going to completely change my life, I hadn’t exactly anticipated the packing process would be so much, er… packing. You’d think I would have learned considering this is my 4th move in Chicago.

More fun things that went on in this neck of the woods… Friday wine tasting at Gourmet Grape in Lakeview!

We had a Groupon for the event – I remembered last minute that we had booked it, and I’m pretty psyched we didn’t miss it.

JC doesn’t like wine. Because I consider wine a food group, this is a fact that I refuse to accept. Luckily my loving husband decided he would try his hand at wine-glass swirling and agreed to come along for the adventure.

{I think the cheese & chocolate pairings might have sold him}

{Yes, my wine glass is empty. Thanks for noticing.}

Afterwards, with two bottles of souvenir reds in tow, we headed to dinner with friends.

Frontier in the Wicker Park area was the scene of the crime. True to its name, Frontier’s menu revolves around game meat – think duck tacos (which I chose), rabbit tostadas, pulled boar sandwich.

Where we also witnessed a pig roast situation …


Saturday morning involved a trip to the suburbs for a bridal shower thrown in honor of one of my dearest friends, Megan!

{Amazing chopped salad featuring diced chicken, tossed in balsamic}

{pillowy angel food cake in honor of an angelic bride 🙂 }

Back at the ranch, it was date night around these parts. Clearly we had to see Disney Pixar’s latest flick, Brave, since it features a red-headed heroine.

Rounded out our weekend with an evening beach volleyball game.

Due to America’s birthday, a funky work week lies ahead – hump day = play day.

Wedding photos have finally come in, so a full recap should be posted here shortly!



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  1. Eulah Glicher July 25, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    I love to play volleyball specially on the beach. Volleyball really helps me tone down my body fats. This is a great cardio workout. ;,`.`

    Have a great day!“>

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