Bar Envy

3 Jul

We’re getting ready to build a new nest in T-minus 3 days.

As I turn my attention to beautifying our new household, my mind & my Pinterest board are both overflowing with fresh space zeal.

I’m planning to share inspiration for multiple rooms in our lovely new abode, but thought I would start with the most important a completely random pick from around the house.


When it comes to the adult beverage corner of Pinterest, we are talking about a vast pasture of inspiration, indeed.


I mean, there are so many variations of the good old fashioned bar. Behold: The now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t Prohibition style proper bar cabinet.


Don’t let that beautiful cabinetry fool you; there’s a full-scale party in there!



One thing I figured out for sure during my most recent Pinterest binge is that I am ever so drawn to the tiny bar cart.


I could rock that sucker morning noon and night.



It is a gentle touch, yet it means business.

You could even rock the old school throwback bar cart, if you so fancy.


In which case, I say, you are so fancy.

Ye Olde Bar Cart.

As it turns out, I’m dealing with a larger bar situation – JC built a full size bar with his Dad back in the day, and while it is most certainly a nice place to post up and entertain, I am having a little bit of a strugglefest in the styling department.

Mostly because I’m cheating on our bar… with the baby bar cart.


I just love the idea of “levels”. You’ve got your proper top surface, yes – but we also have wee wine racks, places to hang glasses – it’s like a jungle gym for your bar accessories!

But then, there is also the world of building “up” instead of down. I’m talking shelving…

I love the idea of not only displaying the provisions themselves, but the barware to boot.




In addition, some other lessons to be learnt from Pinterest bar shopping


A tray situation is absolutely necessary to reign in the “house party” feel and translate it more into a “organized” scenario. You know, like responsible adult stuff.

Excellent use of the tray on one of my favorite blogs, Peppermint Bliss, whose author knows 1929834 times more about design & decor than I do. Her bar setup in her new lovely home is tres inspiring …

 Finally, knick knacky thangs – like shiny metallic &/or glass crystal alcohol vessels – should be mixed in amongst bottles o’ booze.



Now how did that bar cart get in there??


One Response to “Bar Envy”

  1. Christina @ Salt Pepper Brilliant July 4, 2012 at 8:46 am #

    I am dying right now! These are gorgeous ideas. Great post stop by and say hi 🙂

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