The Good Stuff

16 Jul

I can only hope that everyone out there had weekends as relaxing and sunny as ours …

extra points if it involved hanging out on an enormous beached boat that is actually, in fact, a bar. Chicago ingenuity.

Our weekend involved a healthy mix of unpacking/settling into our new place and goofing off as well.

My weekend started with a bang as I received a cheery package from Kelly over at Brownies & Zucchini!

I mean just take a gander at that labeling. I knew it was going to be good from here.

I actually won a giveaway of Kelly’s favorite things, which she generously hosted over at her blog in celebration of its birthday!

Happy birthday to Kelly’s blog. My stomach & tastebuds thank you.

The good stuff:

Two flavors of coconut water (aka my lifejuice), fruit strip snacks, a $15 gift card to Penzeys Spices (excited to try this one out!) and …

Beautiful little morsels of chocolate art. One variety was bursting with mango filling, while the other was stuffed with s’mores. Needless to say these were destroyed courtesy of my sweet tooth before I could even question this decision.

Thanks again Kelly for a fun start to my weekend!


2 Responses to “The Good Stuff”

  1. Blair July 16, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Penzey’s is awesome! My mom sends me home with goodies from there!

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