Fall Favorites: Six Things I’m Loving Right Now

24 Oct

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1. New Project: Fancy pumpkin painting! You might be asking yourself, why in the name of Martha Stewart would you want to paint a pumpkin when you can just carve the thing like a normal person? To which I might answer, you do have a point, if you can get past weird rotting shriveling gourds. I would argue that a patterned pumpkin makes for a superior interior display. Plus, who can argue with a chevron pumpkin? Not I.

Also you might find yourself painting pumpkins in lieu of carving, too, if you had 8 functional fingers. Fact is, apart from setting the kitchen on fire this weekend, I actually seriously dropped my iPhone into a smoothie last night (seriously). Consuming my liquid dinner whilst flipping between the Bears game & the debate proved an insurmountable task, and pretty soon I dunked it in. Think that’s funny? So did my doctor. You people are cruel.

2. New Purchase: What do I have to say about this 12 cup coffee maker SLASH instant hot water dispenser from C&B? Nothing. It speaks for itself. I haven’t owned a coffee maker since college, and I finally bit the bullet on this one. It’s currently marked down to $99 and works like a dream. Get you some!

3. Healthy Helper: I’ve been guzzling milk thistle tea with a splash of almond milk a couple times a day this week. Allegedly it supports kidney & liver health – if you’ve attended nearly as many football games as I have this year, you get why this is important. Also, I think I’m just obsessed with the new coffeemaker.

4. Favorite Fallwear: “Scuba hood” zip up from Lululemon. I know I know, I too had to take out a small loan to acquire this piece. I’ll go on record and tell you it’s worth the small fortune. Ultra thick, great fit, dresses up or down. If you live in Chicago, look for the walking graffiti art — it’s probably me, sporting this hoodie for the 5th time this week.

5. Favorite Treat: I mean. Do I have to say anything else about pumpkin butter? If you think you enjoy yogurt, oats, baked goods, or the way you currently perceive the world, just put pumpkin butter on top and see what happens. Mind. Blown.

6: Can’t Stop Watching: The League. Everyone has been telling me I’d love this show for years – why did it take me so long to listen? Hilarious + fantasy football banter + couple who bet on football constantly (sounds eerily like my life). Highly recommend. Even if you aren’t a “football person”.


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