Food for Thought: A Dream Seed

30 Oct

How about some motivation to start your Tuesday off on the right foot?

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I’m in Austin this week for work. With 4 nights on my hands, when I’m not rolling around gleefully in the king bed dreams are made of, I find myself with a little extra time inside my own head. My days are packed, but I’m lucky I enjoy my job as a sales coach.

Even though I’m plenty busy, there’s something remarkable about traveling to a strange city completely solo with no one waiting eagerly on the other side. Something that makes me remember how big a place the world is. How vastly American cities can differ from one another, despite pledging allegiance to the same flag. How much people in Texas really believe that you don’t mess with Texas (whoa.)

And how limitless our opportunities are in this life.

Fact is, it’s pretty easy to fall into a routine – wake, work, socialize, exercise, eat, repeat – and even though we might find ourselves quite content with that agenda, sometimes a little shakeup generates thought. A spark. A dream seed that, if nurtured, can prosper and flourish enough to become a big fat reality tree. (I have a thing for trees. And analogies. Stay with me here.)

A morsel for your brain to chew on: your dream is never too big, you are never to small to make an impact, and hard work always pays off.

What do you think about when you find yourself with some extra solo time?


One Response to “Food for Thought: A Dream Seed”

  1. Mary October 30, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    Well said and so true!!

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