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Turkey Day Menu

22 Nov

I’m thankful for my health, my ability to participate in an early morning turkey trot…

And trotting alongside such excellent company at that.

I’m thankful for another year of our family brunch allstars…

Egg casserole and monkey bread.

I’m thankful for an incredible menu.

Not listed: our favorite libations, specifically very classy wine.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

I’m thankful to have such nice folks reading my blog! Hope there is plenty of football and elastic-waisted pants in your future, wherever you might be celebrating today.


Tailgate Envy

15 Nov


{ Julius Peppers Jersey / Dunk High shoes / Tailgater Fleece }

Last night I seized an epic opportunity to attend an exclusive Nike Women’s event, working out on Soldier Field with hundreds of other women. The evening also featured bites & sips accompanied by a fashion show highlighting Nike’s newest looks, many of which centered around Chicago’s finest sports enterprise.

I’ll share more deets about the event itself tomorrow, but thought I’d share a teaser today by showing off my favorite Nike tailgate picks. Gotta represent Julius Peppers, my favorite bear (I mean… how can you not?) Plus I cannot tell you how badly I want those kicks on my feet right this second!!!

More tomorrow. In the meantime: what’s your favorite sports team? Do you enjoy putting gameday outfits together as much as I do? Dressing up is as much a sport as the sport itself, y’all.

Menu Monday: Road Snacks

29 Oct

Happy Monday! If you live on the east coast and find yourself reading this post – congratulations on your electricity. Cheers to surviving off of more than candles & saltine crackers! Jokes aside, I hope you’re all staying safe – thoughts and prayers are headed your way from us sassy Midwesterners. (You’ll have your turn to watch us get pounded by bad weather, trust me on this.)

Just a quick post from the road – today is not an ordinary Menu Monday because I’m headed to Austin, Texas for work. I have my favorite go-to road snacks with me – I don’t like to leave town without them for fear that I will default to eating airport frozen yogurt for lunch and a happy meal for dinner.

Plus this stuff all tastes awesome anyway. Like special travel treats!

trader joe’s apple rings / larabars / think thin bars / plum kids organic squeezable fruit / justin’s nut butter packs

Are you that weirdo who packs a lunch box full of airplane snacks like me? Loud & proud – own it!

Swim Bike Run

29 Jun

Before we discuss the title of this post… let’s be serious, you know I want to talk about food.

In the next week I’ll be moving to a new apartment (!), and a few weeks after that I’ll moving to a new office (!!!), so suffice to say there’s plenty o’ change on the horizon for me.

As for right now, my home & office are steps away from one another. So how come I just recently discovered the idea of going home for lunch??

Maybe this lunch wasn’t the most photogenic, but I’ll be darned if it wasn’t tasty.

It all started off with an open-faced sweet potato, slightly mashed.

In a skillet I heated up:

  • 1 chicken italian sausage, diced
  • ~1/2 C chopped mushrooms
  • ~1 C. spinach
  • dash red pepper
  • dash italian seasoning

then added:

  • ~1/3 C. no salt added marinara sauce
  • 1 oz. goat cheese

The marinara & goat cheese combo made for a divine alfredo-y sauce.

Not bad for a midweek lunch, eh?

One more thing before I go. I think I’ve neglected to mention – I woke up after all of my wedding chaos had passed and realized, in panic: “OMG! I’m racing in my first ever triathlon!!”

Since then, I’ve swallowed my jitters and hit the pool, the bike, and of course, the treadmill.

But with 2 months to go until the race, I plan to use this place as a way to stay accountable. I figure it I report it to you guys, I kinda have to do it. Otherwise I’ll look like a big fat slacker on the world wide internets.

So for the coming week, including today, here is what my training schedule looks like.

Words of encouragement – who’s got ’em?!

It’s About Retention

20 Jun

*Have you entered my giveaway yet? All ya gotta do is comment on that post to win! πŸ™‚

I am [probably] going to stop complaining about how bad I suck at transitioning back into real life after today. Give me a break, it’s only Wednesday.

Per usual, I attended my Tuesday night Hip Hop dance class last night for the first time in 3 weeks. You know where this is going.

I wish I could tell you I had a great class – I really didn’t. The instructor – a very advanced sub who I’m not used to – focused heavily on technique and gave much less regimented direction than I’m used to.

But I have to share something about this experience, because this lesson helped me remember why I’ve continued to dance every Tuesday for the past 6 months. It’s about patience. I felt I was holding it down in my little square of the room, until the instructor stopped dancing with us too early in the class for my comfort – on top of that, he stopped counting us in. I didn’t know the music, and many of us were lost as to where to begin.

After many (including myself) were completely thrown off, he said something I loved – “What’s missing is retention. You’re not retaining what I’m teaching. I am not asking you to memorize this – dance is not a math equation. Retention is like when you step away from a computer keyboard for 10 years – when you come back, you still know how to type.”

This is why dance is so GD difficult, but it’s also why I keep coming back. I am good at memorizing. I am a pretty decent mimicker. And I have good rhythm, plus I love music. But patience is something I am maybe not so good at. I am a structure lover, and Hip Hop REALLY challenges me to abandon that mindset and get a lil funky.

In this way, dance is a little like healthy living, too. You can’t fake it; there is no magic diet or trick to get in shape overnight. You have to really live it, and let it etch itself into your bones. And it takes time.

So for any of you who are working towards a goal – fitness, career, otherwise – I thought I’d share this. Wednesday Wisdom for all!

Ok. Let’s talk about food, shall we?

A lot of bloggers whose works I read religiously are regular participants in WIAW, documenting a day in the life of their eats. Because I kind of love to eat (ya think?) I make a habit of forgetting to snap photos before shoveling tasty morsels into my mouth, thereby destroying my precious works of food art.

But sometimes I do stop and behold my handiwork, and if that moment is longer than 2 seconds (rare) I remember to capture it.

I know I probably sound a bit willynilly with my eating – actually opposite of the truth.

Meal planning helps me avoid those desperate moments of hunger – if I’m left unprepared, I start seeing the face of God in that table of free oreos in the office. It also has taught me discipline, which is kind of oddly turning into a recurring motif for this post Β I suppose.

This week, The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up has helped me shake up my regular rotation of eats, and helped me plan well in advance. You guys should check it out – some amazing ideas over there.

In honor of WIAW, despite the fact that I can’t show you everything I ate yesterday, here are some recent delicacies I’ve been dominating.

Protein pancakes – I showed you guys these bad boys Monday, but my giant ‘cake was so good, I had to make it a second time. Topped with banana & pure maple.

Brown rice mixed with some soy sauce, wasabi seaweed snack from Trader Joe’s, diced cucumber & avocado, topped with salmon sashimi I picked up near my office

Simple dinner before dance – spinach, turkey, cheese, a smattering of marinara & squeeze of dijon mustard wrapped up in a gluten free wrap, eaten alongside avocado & cucumber slices

And this magical tea I got from my world traveling friend, Kendalle. I don’t know what it says because it’s not English, but I became fast friends with this foreign treat. (You might notice a recent wedding gift in the background from my Godparents … thanks Aunt M! πŸ™‚ )

See? Meal planning ain’t no thang.

New Gear

5 Mar

How was everyone’s weekends?

Ours, while productive, was verrrry busy. With our wedding just over 3 months away, things are really cookin’ over in this neck of the woods – wedding prep through the church, registry updating, invitation printing, the list goes on. BUT it’s all good stuff, and all part of the journey πŸ™‚

Since this wedding tornado bowled into town and made my brain its chaos nest, I’ve really been focusing on keeping things in perspective. For me, that means not taking myself or any of this stuff too seriously – after all, it’s meant to be fun! I’m glad we have spent so much time “taking inventory” in our relationship by enduring enjoying hours upon hours of preparation, communication and counseling through the church.

And no matter how nuts things get, we also have health & fitness to fall back on, which have really become routine over here.

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets me more excited about working out than acquiring some fun new gear.

After all, studies show that those who felt confident and comfortable in their workout attire actually made exercise a more regular habit than those who didn’t dig their threads.

My weekend loot:

Dry fit Nike tank for dance, dry fit t-shirt for lifting, AND

Rough & tough lady lifting gloves.

Like a boss.

Did I mention we’re bad ass?

Also, did you guys read on Saturday that I’m going to dive into CorePower YogaΒ this month?

I wouldn’t lie to you.

My first-ever yoga mat! This one’s got fish friends on it. Pretty zen, right? I know. At least I’ll look the part when I head to my first class πŸ˜‰

I’m ready to hit the gym this week!

What do you think, does new gear get you amped for exercie? Anybody out there get some kickin’ threads recently?